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Goose Feathers Cafe at Ellis Square

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Our Adventures in Oviedo

During the cold snap that hit Savannah in mid-December, Juergen and I were caught completely unprepared. Part of the reason we had chosen to live in this city was because of the supposedly mild winters! We had no heavy clothing, let alone hats or gloves, so we spent one particularly freezing December morning on Broughton Street, outfitting ourselves and silently cursing God.

Express Bakery

After we were done shopping, we stopped in at Goose Feathers Cafe on Ellis Square to warm up. With twenty-five years of history in the area, it was the perfect place to temporarily escape the cold. As soon as we stepped inside, I felt better… Goose Feathers bakes all their breads daily, and looking at the range of warm delicious treats in the display made my stomach glow. Made it hungry.

In addition to sandwiches and soups, Goose Feathers serves breakfast all day. For whatever reason, oatmeal sounded really good, and ordered the apples & walnuts variety. I don’t think I’ve ever had such rich and chunky oatmeal. In fact, I don’t think I’d had oatmeal since I was six. Juergen ordered the Breakfast Panini. Beth, the owner, came out to talk to us and explained that the panini was relatively new on the menu… the staff had been making it for themselves for awhile, so they decided to offer it to customers, as well.

It seems to be a popular place. Beth pointed out a few of the regulars, who’ve been steady customers for years. Goose Feathers is clean and comfortable, the people are nice, the coffee was excellent, and the food was delicious. And really, for a downtown cafe and bakery, what more could you ask for? If I lived just a little closer, I’d be a regular, too.

Goose Feathers Express Cafe
39 Barnard St.
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