The 24 Squares of Savannah

The 24 Squares of Savannah

At the time of its founding in 1733, Savannah was the first North American city planned around public squares. General Oglethorpe’s grand design for his new capital called for four squares to serve as gardens and meeting areas. The western and eastern sides of each square were reserved for public buildings, such as churches and government offices, while the northern and southern ends were for private residences, called tything blocks.

24 Squares of Savannah

Savannah was the original capital of Georgia, the last of the original thirteen colonies, and its logical design won it fame around the world. The plan was far-sighted, allowing for over a century of growth, always replicating the square system further outward. By the mid 19th century, there were a total of twenty-four.

From the largest (Johnson) to the smallest (Crawford), each of Savannah’s twenty-four squares has its own history and personality. We made a promise to fully explore each of them during our three months here, and learn their stories and secrets. It was a promise we kept.

Map of Squares in Savannah

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  1. Liz Avatar

    Where is that mosaic in the top photo? I’m a tour guide, and have lived here for almost two years and have never seen it!

    1. Mike Avatar

      If memory serves, it’s in Johnson Square…

  2. Linda Dougherty Avatar
    Linda Dougherty

    Coming to Savannah the end of July with my father, a WW Two vet, to the Air Force Reunion. Taking into consideration I will be traveling with my 87 year old father who is in good health and gets around well but I do need to slow down for him. We have one day before and two after the convention, what are the your top suggestions of must see.  Will have a car, plan to take a drive thru the cemetery.  Any suggestions will be appreciated and helpful. Thanks much.  

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