Savannah Art Scene

Photos from Savannah: Red Doors and More

Savannah Art Photo

The biggest mistake you can make in Savannah is forgetting to bring your camera with you when you leave the house. Unique photo opportunities spring up like clockwork in this city! Jürgen brought his camera everywhere — to the supermarket, on walks with our dog, and even to the bar. You never know when this city is going to surprise you with a great snapshot.

  • Red Door Savannah
  • Red Door with Lantern Shadow
  • Legalize Weed in Savannah
  • Foggy sun rays through tree
  • Art event Savannah
  • SCAD Ice Cream
  • Lime Green Bathroom
  • Posing construction worker
  • Modern Art in Savannah
  • Dog water station
  • Savannah Clock Tower
  • Lost Dog in Savannah
  • Bird Skeleton Savannah
  • This is money framed
  • Savannah Trees
  • Monuments Savannah
  • For 91 Days Dollar Bills
  • Budlight Lady Bras
  • Missing French Bulldog
  • Old Doorbells Savannah
  • Baptist Church Savannah
  • Sunlight and Spanish Moss
  • Green Moss Covered Stones

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4 responses to “Photos from Savannah: Red Doors and More”

  1. Sarah Avatar

    Took a few photos of Savannah with my lomography camera. See !

  2. Juergen Avatar

    Sarah .. love the lomo!

  3. Scott Avatar

    Great shots!

  4. Kristin Avatar

    From my 2008 trip with my university’s Writing Center for a conference:

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