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The Schnitzel Shack of Rincon (via Darmstadt)

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One of the first things Jürgen did when we got to Savannah was type “German Restaurant” into Google. The nearest place bore the tongue-twisty name of Schnitzel Shack, and was a half-hour away in a town called Rincon (rhymes with Lincoln).

Savannah Weizen Beer

That was a little too far away, and we eventually forgot about it. But on a rainy Wednesday afternoon, I returned home to find Jürgen dressed in his lederhosen, playing the accordion and wailing “Deustchland, deutschland über alles” with tears rolling down his cheeks. The homesickness was terminal. Nurse, I’m going to need an injection of sauerkraut, STAT! Let’s roll: destination Schnitzel Schnack. I mean Shack!

Minutes later we were seated at our table in the tiny restaurant. Color flushed back into Jürgen’s face as he read the menu with growing delight. “Jägerschnitzel? Goulash? Spätzle? Ja ja ja, wunderbar!” The Shack offers a selection of both German and Thai dishes, an odd combination which owes itself to the founders’ homelands. Pao is from Thailand, and Joe is from Germany.

Savannah Schnitzel

We quickly discovered that Joe isn’t merely from Germany, but actually from Jürgen’s home town of Darmstadt: a small city south of Frankfurt. Once that factoid was unearthed, the night really got going. Joe and Jürgen swapped stories from the Heimatland. Unbelievably, he even worked at the same company as Jürgen’s mom! We stayed late after eating, talking with him and Pao and drinking beer. They’re a great couple; Joe still works a day job, and comes into the restaurant at night. The Shack’s strange culinary mash-up has proven to be popular, and the table are almost always full.

The food is great. Joe told us that male customers typically order hearty German dishes while women generally stick with the Thai section of the menu. Well, Jürgen and I are both guys, so we went with Jägerschnitzel, Cordon Bleu, Spätzle and Sauerkraut. Gott im Himmel, was it delicious. The Shack also offers fusion dishes, such as Sweet and Sour Schnitzel.

So, yeah. Somehow, there’s this great German-Thai cuisine in Rincon, Georgia, served by a cool guy from Jürgen’s home town. It’s amazing how many treasures are hidden right in plain sight. If we hadn’t researched the Schnitzel Shack in advance, we’d have driven right by without ever noticing it. But now you know, and so there’s no excuse to miss this great little spot in Rincon. Make sure to say hi to Joe and Pao from us.

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Pinkie Master’s Lounge

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Update: When we returned to Savannah five years later, we were horrified to learn that Pinkie Master’s was gone. I had assumed this lounge was an institution, as permanent a presence in Savannah as the Spanish Moss. But apparently the rent got too high, and Pinkie Master’s took off. The good news is, the property is still a bar, it still has a jukebox, and the clientele seems about the same. The only thing which has really changed is the name: it’s now called The Original. We’ve decided to leave this post up, in memory of the good old days.

Let’s be honest here. Pinkie Master’s Lounge is great, but it’s not the kind of bar you’re going to take home and introduce to your parents. You won’t be taking Pinkie Master’s to the Olde Pink House for an awkward first date, and you would never conceive of one day marrying it. Pinkie Master’s just isn’t that kind of bar. But on those late weekend nights, after respectable joints have closed up, and you’re not yet ready for bed… when you’re still looking for a good time… Pinkie Master’s knows what ya want. Pinkie Master’s got what ya need.

Pinkie Masters

Found on Drayton Street, Pinkie Master’s is an institution in Savannah: the ultimate dive bar. Pinkie Master was actually the owner’s real name. He was friends with Jimmy Carter, who supposedly announced his intention to run for president in the bar. That’s more legend than fact, but Pinkie Master’s has the vibe, and smell, of a place which has seen a lot of history.

We’ve been a few times, and have always had a blast. Pinkie Master’s boasts the craziest, most eclectic crowd in Savannah. I’ve gotten into more hilarious conversations there than in any other bar, and there’s something bizarre going on anywhere you look. Hey, drunken palm reader: me next! Hey, creepy old guy with teenage Asian girlfriend: nice catch! Hey bartender: two more PBRs for me and my new buddy Oskari from Finland! Let’s play darts, Oskari! Haha, this jukebox is awesome!

That’s basically how a night at Pinkie Master’s goes. It’s not for prudes, and not for those looking for a fancy evening out, but if you’re looking for a great dive with cheap beer and fun people, you can’t go wrong at Pinkie’s.

The Legion Savannah

Another classic dive bar is the Legion, found on Bull Street, just south of Forsyth Park. It’s actually an American Legion hall, but opens its doors to everyone. Drawn by the cheap drinks, darts and chill atmosphere, this was one of our regular haunts.

Locations: The Original (Pinkie Masters) | Legion

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Photos of the old Pinkie Master’s Lounge:

Pinkie Masters Savannah
Cool Pinkie Master
Pinkie Fortune
Best Pub
And now… it’s “The Original”
The Original Bar Savannah
The Original Bar Savannah
The Original Bar Savannah
Pics from The Legion
The Legion Savannah
The Legion Savannah
The Legion Savannah
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The Heroic Genius of To-Go Cups

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“Now just to make absolutely sure: you’re saying that you’ll put my beer in a cup, and then I can walk around outside, in front of cops, and there will be no problems?” The bartender was growing exasperated with me. “Yes, dude. For the hundredth time, yes. You’re golden.”

Joy is getting blasted in front of a policeman

I just couldn’t believe it. It was our first weekend in Savannah, and people were walking around on the streets and sidewalks, sipping beers. Outside! I mean, I’d seen Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and “To-Go” cups had been mentioned in city guides, but somehow the glorious reality of it hadn’t really clicked in my brain. The idea of legally walking around downtown in broad daylight with an open container was simply too good to be true. Savannah is one of just a handful of cities in the USA with this law (or rather, lack of a law).

There are just two simple rules: 1) the cup must be plastic, and 2) you must be in the historic district, anywhere north of Jones Street. The To-Go cup is a Savannah institution, and one we would make persistent use of.

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The Schnitzel Shack of Rincon (via Darmstadt) One of the first things Jrgen did when we got to Savannah was type "German Restaurant" into Google. The nearest place bore the tongue-twisty name of Schnitzel Shack, and was a half-hour away in a town called Rincon (rhymes with Lincoln).
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