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The Singing Cat and other Savannah Photographs

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Singing Cat of Savannah

In Savannah, every time you step out of the house, you’re going to see something strange and beautiful. In the right frame of mind, the entire city becomes an art gallery… and whether your preferred form of art is architecture, graffiti, fashion or performance art, you’re bound to see something you like.

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You Are Not Alone in Savannah
Wind Savannah
Savanan Drop
Fine Art Savannah
Clouds Of Happyness
Jasper Center Telfair
City Hall Savannah
Blue Eye Dog
Kick in the Ass
Founder Savannah
Savannah Storm Clouds
Savannah Fog
Savannah Old Post Office
Savannah Boom Box
Savannah Puke
Fuzzy Plant
Broken Glass
Pressure Relief Savannah
Mail Box Face
Jones Lincoln Street Savannah
Savannah Ghosts
Sneaker Fetish
Stupid Bird Girl
Wild Savannah
Savannah Squares Burger
5 O Clock Savannah Drinks
Energy Saving Savannah
Savannah Blinds
Angels BBQ Savannah
I love Meat
Sauce Boy
French Fries Monster
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Eggs N Tricities – Bluffton, SC

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Oyster Eggs

Our unofficial guide during our day trip to Bluffton, South Carolina was Nancy, who owns and operates a store of miscellany named Eggs N Tricities. This shop is packed to the gills with weird, random stuff, and even if you’re not in the market for curios, it’s great fun to poke around.

Eggs N Tricities – Facebook
Location on our map

Guide to Starting and Running a Thrift Store

Nancy Bluffton SC
Birds on Sticks
Dog Bottle Head
Fancy Lady
Fuzzy Lamp
Golden Boy
Little Glass Dude
Little Treasures
Old Meets New
Peace Coins
Penguin Shaker
Sad Cock
Shadow Cut Face
Shell Collection

A look inside her house:

Home Store
African Shell
Alligator Teeth
Angel Hugh
Awesome Bird Lamp
Awesome Christmas Tree
Awesome Snake Skin
Bathroom Angel
Caged Memories
Chrystal Clear
Dead Bunny
Dice Collection
Feather Vase
Knife Collection
Living Bird Nest
Needle Pillow Angel
One Happy Dog
Passing the World
Random Good Stuff
Religious Bite
Screaming Flowers
Sea Shell Tree
Sexual Plant
Silent Moment
Skunk Hair
Spool Collection
Tennis Ball Religion
The Nard Dog
Wooden Shield
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Photos from Savannah: Red Doors and More

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Red Number

The biggest mistake you can make in Savannah is forgetting to bring your camera with you when you leave the house. Unique photo opportunities spring up like clockwork in this city! Jürgen brought his everywhere — to the supermarket, on walks with our dog, and even to the bar. You never know when this city is going to surprise you with a great snapshot.

Framed Savannah Photos As A Gift

Red Door
Green Stoned
Weed in Savannah
Sun Force
Savannah Constructions
Old Meets New
Golden Moss
Door Bells
Chucky and Girlfriend
Help Molly
Lost Molly
Blog Money
Savannah Gallery
Savannah Toilet
Savannah Art
Scad Ice
Budlight Bras
Selling Stuff in Savannah
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Day Trip to Beaufort

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We took a trip to Beaufort, South Carolina, which is about an hour north of Savannah. This small coastal town makes an ideal excursion, but as I realized after receiving a number of puzzled looks, it’s pronounced “Beww-furt” and not “Bow-fort.”

Beaufort Mansion

On arriving, we had made a beeline for the Old Point, which boasts incredible mansions overlooking the Beaufort River. A brochure from the Tourist Office points out all the historic homes, and there were plenty. On Laurens Street, we passed a huge brick estate built in 1852; its two stories and facade supported by four massive pillars. In the yard, an older gentleman was playing with a boxer. I asked if he owned the house, and his response was classic. “No, actually, the house owns me.”

And I don’t think he was just being clever. This is an area where the houses have more character and history than people could ever hope to attain. Even if you living in one of them, you must almost feel like a guest. The entire historic district of Beaufort was declared a National Historic Landmark, in 1973, for its gorgeous Antebellum architecture.

Although the Point was our favorite area of town, with its stunning old mansions, the city center also has a lot to offer, including some great restaurants along Bay Street. We had lunch at a stylish downtown joint called The Wren, where we wolfed down creative sandwiches stuffed with Southern specialties like fried green tomatoes.

Once we’d had our fill of food and architecture, we decided to round out our day trip to Beaufort with a hike in the Hunting Island State Park. It was a great day. And although I can’t imagine anyone would ever run out of things to do in Savannah, Beaufort makes for a great excursion, just in case.

Location of Beaufort on our Map

Beautiful Beaufort Inns and B&Bs

Beaufort Beauty
Beaufort Architecture
Banana Tree Beaufort
Beaufort Castle
Beaufort Bench
Beaufort Bench
Beaufort Lamps
Beaufort Pier
Beaufort Leaves
Beaufort Warning
Blue Flowers
Beaufort Porch
White Porch
Columns Beaufort
Crazy Tree
BMW Beaufort
Good Doggy
Cozy Beaufort
Dawg in the Hood
Fall in Beaufort
Evil Eye
Low Clearance Beaufort
Horse Ride Beaufort
Trapped Spanish Moss
Lamp With Character
Southern Design
Southern Living
Stairs to Nowhere
Stars and Stripes
Sweet Iced Tea

Beaufort Books

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The Singing Cat and other Savannah Photographs In Savannah, every time you step out of the house, you're going to see something strange and beautiful. In the right frame of mind, the entire city becomes an art gallery... and whether your preferred form of art is architecture, graffiti, fashion or performance art, you're bound to see something you like.
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