Eggs N Tricities - Bluffton, SC Store

Eggs N Tricities – Bluffton, SC

Eggs N Tricities - Bluffton, SC

Our unofficial guide during our day trip to Bluffton, South Carolina was Nancy, who owns and operates a store of miscellany named Eggs N Tricities. This shop is packed to the gills with weird, random stuff, and even if you’re not in the market for curios, it’s great fun to poke around.

Eggs N Tricities – Facebook

  • Awesome Christmas Tree
  • African Shell
  • Alligator Teeth
  • Angel Hug
  • Awesome Bird Lamp
  • Awesome Snake Skin
  • Bathroom Angel
  • Birds on Sticks
  • Caged Memories
  • Chrystal Clear
  • Collector
  • Coral Bluffton SC
  • Dead Bunny
  • Dice Collection
  • Dog Bottle Head
  • Eggs N Tricities Nancy
  • Eggs N Tricities
  • Fancy Lady
  • Feather Vase
  • Fuzzy Lamp
  • Golden Boy
  • Home Store
  • Knife Collection
  • Little Glass Dudes
  • Little Treasures
  • Living Bird Nest
  • Nancy Bluffton SC
  • Needle Pillow Angel
  • Old Meets New 1
  • One Happy Dog
  • Passing the World
  • Peace Coins
  • Penguin Shaker
  • Random Good Stuff
  • Religious Bite
  • Sad Cock
  • Screaming Flowers
  • Sea Shell Tree
  • Sexual Plant
  • Shadow Cut Face
  • Shell Collection
  • Silent Moment
  • Skunk Hair
  • Spool Collection
  • Stranded
  • Tennis Ball Religion
  • The Nard Dog
  • Wooden Shield
  • Workshop

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  1. Amanda Keefer Avatar
    Amanda Keefer

    Do you have any painted wood signs with BLUFFTON painted on them, in stock?

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