Screaming cat Savannah

The Singing Cat and Other Savannah Photographs

Singing Cat

In Savannah, every time you step out of the house, you’re going to see something strange and beautiful. In the right frame of mind, the entire city becomes an art gallery… and whether your preferred form of art is architecture, graffiti, fashion or performance art, you’re bound to see something you like.

  • Strange buildings Savannah
  • Cocktail apron
  • Coffee shop decoration
  • brown dog with with blue eyes
  • Broken windows Savannah
  • Savannah clouds
  • Cool clouds over Savannah
  • Old street lights Savannah
  • Tower tip Savannah
  • Playing with shadow photography in Savannah
  • French fry monsters
  • Curly, fuzzy plant
  • Tip jar
  • Modern architecture Savannah
  • Cornered street lights
  • metal mail boxes Savannah
  • Rusty fan
  • Savannah sauces
  • Sunny day in Savannah
  • Metering the gas
  • One drip photo Savannah
  • Foggy day in Savannah
  • Protecting precious plants in Savannah winter
  • Travel Blogger kick
  • Eerie night in Savannah
  • That building in Savannah
  • Rain spout dragon
  • Burger menu Savannah
  • Stormy day in Savannah
  • Wall church Savannah
  • Used sneakers Savannah
  • Midnight garden of good and evil girl bird fountain
  • Christmas street lights Savannah
  • Savannah falling apart?
  • Street art Savannah in writing

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5 responses to “The Singing Cat and Other Savannah Photographs”

  1. William Avatar

    Y’all have managed to capture the small moments of odd beauty that I always loved about that town. For instance, there was a guy who used to walk his cat on a leash alongside his pug. There was something so incongruous and yet so perfect about seeing those two animals together.

    Also, I was a huge fan of B&D’s Pulaski burger. But remember to get it to go because you don’t want to be seen eating that thing in public.

  2. Mr. Parx Avatar
    Mr. Parx

    Angel’s BBQ is amazing. I’ve been following your tour through my wonderful town, and can’t believe I haven’t crossed paths with you yet.

    Please keep the wonderful pictures and stories coming. I’m learning all sorts of interesting places to stop by, should I ever find the time.

    Mr. Parx

  3. Leslie Lovell Avatar
    Leslie Lovell

    I’m glad Savannah was included on your wonderful journey. Great photos!!!

  4. Tim Nealon Avatar

    Thanks for putting this website together guys. I am kinda’ disappointed I am only finding it now, a year after you left Savannah. However, thanks for the pictures. I got your ebook from Amazon, btw. Good job. 

    1. Juergen Avatar


      Thank you for for stopping by and for the comment. Hope you like our Book. Checked out your website and love your photos!

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