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I found myself in the middle of a fevered dream. Alone on the third floor of a house on Monterey Square, I knocked about a room filled with antiques. Chinese vases, broken beds, faded photographs in golden frames with faces I faintly recognized. I climbed steps to the fourth floor and looked out a broken window at the nearby Mercer-Williams House. I shuddered. It was cold and in my haste to leave, I stumbled, nearly crashing into a warped, full-length mirror. “Time to wake up, Mikey”.

Antik Geschaeft

But this was no dream. I really was inside this mansion filled with unbelievable antiques. I’ve never seen a store quite like Alex Raskin Antiques, at 441 Bull Street. Mr. Raskin has operating out of the Noble-Hardee mansion for twenty-five years, and has spent most of that time filling it with finds made at auctions around the world. We went inside knowing full well that we couldn’t afford to buy anything, but just wanted to see the house. Paint is peeling off the walls and windows are broken, but the dilapidation adds enormously to the charm. The guy working allowed us to wander around at our leisure, and the sheer vastness of the place won us over immediately.

If you’re in the market for antiques, or even if you’re not, don’t hesitate to visit Alex Raskins. There are some wonderful and strange pieces of art, and the eerie feeling inside this historic, deteriorated house is one-of-a-kind.

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  1. Avatar of Gil

    Alex didn’t fall too far from the tree. His mother, Anita, a wonderful and sweet woman founded,owned and operated The Book Lady. If it had been written and bound, she could find it. She is missed; however, her tradition continues under new ownership and location across from the Hilton.

  2. Avatar of Dave

    I can’t believe I’ve never been here; I’ll have to watch my footing though!

  3. Avatar of ct

    Around the world…well, maybe found around the various auction houses in a sixty mile range of Savannah.

  4. Avatar of alex raskin
    alex raskin

    Our shop is not unsafe  or hazardous to any reasonably prudent person……   ct is correct  most of my merchandise is purchased in or around savannah  though  we have  items from places as  far as  Afghanistan  and Moldova  as well  as English French and American formal and  vernacular pieces.

  5. Avatar of Jim Wynne
    Jim Wynne

    Alex,  I tried to email you but it came back as undeliverable.  Would you send us your new one.  We are wondering if you have been able to talk with the man who sold you the bank clock.Jim Wynne

  6. Avatar of Abby Hobson
    Abby Hobson

    It looks as if the posts I see are of 2011. I am visiting Savannah in a couple weeks and am anxious to know if this house/shop is still open. Thank you for your reply!

  7. Avatar of Maria

    Wow! So cool and creepy with the home in such disrepair. I’m surprised they don’t talk about ghost there too. It seems like it would be ripe with them!

    1. Avatar of Julie

      what ghost? please tell me more because i think i caught a picture of a small child while riding by it. 

  8. Avatar of Michael & Laurie Grant
    Michael & Laurie Grant

    Every year when we visit Savannah, we are sure to stop in and rarely leave without our newest treasure.  A wonderful array of antiques and whatnot.  We finally had the good fortune of meeting Alex this year.  We  highly recommend it to everyone visiting Savannah. 

  9. Avatar of Denise Brooks
    Denise Brooks

    As the guy said earlier, it’s like being in a dream!  This is one of my favorite places to be in the whole world.  I’ve been there twice and can’t wait to come again.  It will be a while because I live in Texas, but I’ll be back.  Alex was very nice and the lady who greeted us in April was great too.  Words can’t even describe this treasure;  the painted mannequin head is on my list of wants.  Not sure what floor she was on… Anyway, thanks for a favorite memory!!

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