Mansion In Savannah brick stone

Inside a Savannah Mansion

On New Year’s Eve, we were invited into the home of an old-school Savannahian. Our soft-spoken host, Alvin, was a true southern gentleman, as gracious as possible, and both his character and his house seemed to be straight from the pages of some Victorian Gothic novel.

Inside Savannah Mansion

Alvin’s brick mansion, built in 1887, was in our neighborhood and we had admired it often. So when we were invited inside, we jumped at the chance. Since purchasing the mansion decades ago, Alvin has worked to restore its original elements, decorating it with artwork and period furniture. Jürgen made an appreciative comment about much all this original artwork must have cost, which caused Alvin to laugh. “This is all stuff I get for free!” He pointed to a painting of a dancing jester. “The girl who painted this gave it to me in exchange for a month’s rent.”

Alvin Neely Savannah

The mansion’s architect, William G. Preston, had also been responsible for the late, lamented DeSoto Hotel. Alvin reminisced about that building, which was torn down to make space for the Hilton, a much derided eyesore on Madison Square. He got out a book of old images from Savannah, back in the days when the live oaks which now tower over the city’s squares were just saplings. Alvin was a member of the Historic Savannah Foundation, and recounted some of the battles which he helped fight; preserving the DeSoto was one they lost.

After a couple cocktails, we took our leave; the New Year’s celebrations were just heating up in the city, and Alvin urged us to go and have fun. We did so, but somewhat reluctantly. The party we ended up at was alright, but I have a feeling that spending New Year’s with Alvin in his incredible mansion would have been the more memorable evening.

More photos of this Savannah Mansion:

  • Atic of Savannah Mansion
  • Brick woman face
  • Mansion architecture details
  • Silver Lamp Savannah
  • Old bling mirror Savannah
  • Inside old Piano Savannah
  • Silver Turban
  • Old family photos
  • Savannah Old Mansion stairs
  • Old Savannah armchair
  • Old Savannah porcelain clock
  • Broken angel statue
  • Old paintings inside a mansion in Savannah
  • Dried lotus pods
  • Savannah mansion salon
  • Stained glass mansion Savannah
  • Old Savannah mansion dining room
  • Little mansion figure
  • Interior plants Savannah
  • Savannah mansion sun room
  • Sun room Savannah
  • Silver tray savannah
  • Old Savannah ceiling lamp
  • Old wooden Savannah mansion chair
  • Old Savannah mansion moldings
  • Wall lamp Savannah mansion
  • Round window mansion Savannah
  • Old mansion bathroom in Savannah
  • Old Savannah mansion tile design
  • Neely Alvin Savannah
  • Old gaslight lamp Savannah
  • Old savannah mansion bell
  • Garden plant Savannah Mansion
  • Alvin Neely RIP
  • Porcelain boys
  • Hidden mansion Savannah

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11 responses to “Inside a Savannah Mansion”

  1. Sandy Traub Avatar

    How amazing … the sailboat stained glass window, antique sink, beautiful ceramic. What a choice opportunity to be so welcomed in Mr. Neely’s home of treasures!

    1. Juergen Avatar

      We still can’t believe our luck to meet Mr. Neely.

  2. robin jenkins Avatar
    robin jenkins

    Thanks for allowing us into Mr. Neely’s home with you. It is absolutely beautiful and so much character. He looks like he would have some interesting stories to tell too. Thanks again

    1. Juergen Avatar

      Robin, thank you so much for commenting. He did tell us some great stories… I think he’s had quite an interesting life!

  3. Brad Powell Avatar
    Brad Powell

    I think this is the most fantastic and interesting aspect of your 91 Day adventures. Certainly, the descriptions and photos of the places and things you’ve seen are outstanding. But, the chance for you to experience, then share with us, the people you’ve met….priceless !

  4. marlene Avatar

    thanks so much for sharing your adventure with us. we also got a chance to travel cross country for a few months and savannah was my very favorite city on the trip. these pictures make me want to hitch up the airstream and hit the road again. Right now 🙂

  5. tammy Avatar

    This is such a beautiful home!! I was standing outside it on my bike one day and Mr Neely came out and talked to me and he was such a nice man! Thank you for sharing these beautiful pics with us!!!!!

  6. Elizabeth Anderson Avatar

    I love this! What a gorgeous home. He sounds like a nice guy, too. Agree on the “get over yourself, Mercer home”.

  7. Isabella Davis Avatar

    I have lived in the Savannah area for over 30 years now and have always admired the architecture of this awesome home. Every chance I get I ride by and try to get a few photos. Thanks for taking me inside after all these years.

    Many thanks for doing such a wonderful presentation of this beautiful Southern gem,Savannah!

    Your images were wonderful and quite creatively displayed.
    Best Wishes, Isabella

  8. Chad Avatar

    I have known Alvin since I was14. When I rented my first apartment it was in his carriage house directly behind his.   He is one of the finest people in savannah , and I am so happy you were able to meet him. He is very modest ; however he is behind most of the movements in savannah to preserve historic buildings…   And as a side note , he never just excepts your rent without asking you to come in , sit down, and have a drink. 

  9. Dianna Morris Avatar
    Dianna Morris

    Can you please tell me if they was a little boy who died in that house? I have a photo that you would interested in…  I would be happy to send it you free if you can proved the story or history..  Thanks

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