In Love with Savannah

Love with Savannah Street Photographer

It started as a crush. Like gum-smacking girls, giggling together at their lockers while the dreamy blue-eyed quarterback passes by, we were initially just obsessed by Savannah’s beauty. But over the course of months, we learned that this city isn’t just superficially gorgeous. It’s got a rich history, fabulous people and a unique vibe all its own. Yep, Savannah is a keeper.

We hope these photographs help reveal a little of the depth behind in Savannah’s well-advertised good looks.

More Reasons why we’re in love with Savannah:

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  1. Avatar of Kristin

    That’s exactly how I felt when I visited Savannah! Love the photos!

  2. Avatar of Cherie Headding
    Cherie Headding

    I love how you see such good things through your camera lens. Every great while I can, but not like you. I am glad you have such positive posts during your Savannah experience.

  3. Avatar of William

    I first felt that way when I first went into the historic district to rent an apartment. After about a month, I was hooked. Mobile, Alabama is my lady, but I do love Savannah, Georgia.

  4. Avatar of Adriana

    Love my city… I’ve shared this link with many.

  5. Avatar of Blue

    Savannah grows on you like a moss. I miss it quite a lot.

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