Savannah Close Up – Gingerbread House

Gingerbrread House Savannah

With its Gothic houses, squares and Spanish moss hanging from every tremendous Live Oak, Savannah truly makes a great first impression. But far from skin-deep, its beauty only becomes more captivating the closer you look. An honorable mention goes out to the gingerbread house on Bull Street.

  • Horse parking spot
  • Savannah Garden Game
  • Croquet Set
  • Croquet Game
  • Plants growing on fence
  • Wooden dusty blinds
  • Little bush with white flowers in Savannah
  • Metal Cock
  • Paint peeling from window frame
  • Rusty nail and peeling old paint
  • Old sea shell sidewalk
  • Rusty Door Spring
  • Olde Wooden Blinds
  • Savannah Ginger Bread Balcony
  • Metal Fountain Savannah

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