Happy 2011 in Savannah

Happy New Year 2011

As 2011 rolled in, we had some things to celebrate… mainly, the fact that we still had another month in Savannah! We’d been having a great time, and were in no hurry to leave. Our New Year’s celebrations had been just like Savannah itself: weird, hilarious, a little disturbing, and unforgettable. And as we stumbled home after a wild party, the city showed us a new trick: a dense fog had settled in on the streets. Oh Savannah, stop being so gorgeous!

  • Sad Spanish Moss
  • Chrystal Beer Parlor
  • Fresh Breakfast
  • Ghost Tunnel Savannah
  • Haunted House
  • Haunted Houses of Savannah
  • haunted savannah 1
  • Healtyh Breakfast Savannah
  • Jihad Savannah
  • Lines in Savannah
  • Nailed and Scredwd
  • Party Time Savannah
  • Paula Deen is peeking
  • Poison is taking over
  • pouched Eggs Savannah
  • Ray of Light Savannah
  • Savannah Castle
  • Savannah CO
  • Savannah Mansion 4
  • Savannah Now
  • Savannah Rats
  • Smoking Pole
  • Sorry Savannah
  • Super Star Spanish Moss

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  1. Avatar of Gil

    More great photos! The “Sorry Charlie” sign adjacent to Ellis Square originally was an iconic neon sign reading “Frank C. Matthews”, “Fish”,”Oysters” and featured a leaping fish placed vertically between the two arms of the sign. A too-tall truck killed the fish. The fishmarket faced Ellis Square. The Matthews’ family owned fishmarkets in different locations in Savannah. The family owns a retail-wholesale store in Garden City selling fine products.
    The Matthews, Caiferos, Maggioni, Remidio, Russos, Cisceronis (I’m sure I’ve left out names and mispelled the rest) were longtime Italian-Savannahians who caught and or/sold fresh seafood in this area for over 100 years. The Frank C. Matthews’ sign was made by the father of actress Diana Scarwid.

  2. Avatar of William

    Although I will not stipulate which one, I had a girlfriend who lived in one of the buildings pictured here. Talk about a flashback!

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