Happy 2011 in Savannah

As 2011 rolled in, we had some things to celebrate… mainly, the fact that we still had another month in Savannah! We’d been having a great time, and were in no hurry to leave. Our New Year’s celebrations had been just like Savannah itself: weird, hilarious, a little disturbing, and unforgettable. And as we stumbled home after a wild party, the city showed us a new trick: a dense fog had settled in on the streets. Oh Savannah, stop being so gorgeous!

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  1. Gil

    More great photos! The “Sorry Charlie” sign adjacent to Ellis Square originally was an iconic neon sign reading “Frank C. Matthews”, “Fish”,”Oysters” and featured a leaping fish placed vertically between the two arms of the sign. A too-tall truck killed the fish. The fishmarket faced Ellis Square. The Matthews’ family owned fishmarkets in different locations in Savannah. The family owns a retail-wholesale store in Garden City selling fine products.
    The Matthews, Caiferos, Maggioni, Remidio, Russos, Cisceronis (I’m sure I’ve left out names and mispelled the rest) were longtime Italian-Savannahians who caught and or/sold fresh seafood in this area for over 100 years. The Frank C. Matthews’ sign was made by the father of actress Diana Scarwid.

  2. William

    Although I will not stipulate which one, I had a girlfriend who lived in one of the buildings pictured here. Talk about a flashback!

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