Savannah must visit Fort Jackson

Old Fort Jackson

In 1808, with relations between Britain and our fledgling country quickly deteriorating, President Thomas Jefferson ordered the construction of Old Fort Jackson to protect the important port city of Savannah. Named for revolutionary hero James “Left Eye” Jackson, it was ready in time for the War of 1812, but never needed.

Old Fort Jackson Savannah

Decades later, with the outbreak of the Civil War, the fort was quickly seized by Confederate troops. It was a powerful deterrent against the Union army who had seized Fort Pulaski out near Tybee Island, and protected Savannah from direct attack. During the war’s final days, Sherman reached Savannah and easily seized the fort. But before abandoning Fort Jackson, the Confederates destroyed everything useful inside.

Old Fort Jackson Savannah Cannon

So Fort Jackson hasn’t seen much battle in its 200-year history, meaning that despite its age, it’s remarkably well-preserved. Just a few minutes from the city center, it’s a cool place to spend an hour and relive history. It was purchased by the Coastal Heritage Society in 1920 and completely restored in the 70s. Today, tourists can visit a museum in the fort’s rooms and witness a daily cannon firing.

Old Fort Jackson is less interesting than Fort Pulaski, if only because it never participated in any battles. But it’s much closer to the city, so makes a great option if you’re short on time and are itching to get into an old fort.

Old Fort Jackson – Official Site

More Photos of Fort Jackson:

  • Fort Jackson Flag pole
  • Entrance gate Fort Jackson in Savannah
  • Fort Jackson inner courtyard
  • Fort Jackson Room
  • 07 Old Fort Jackson Savannah IMG 8822
  • Fort Jackson tunnels
  • Canon at Fort Jackson in Savannah
  • Old table at fort Jackson
  • Canon tools Fort Jackson in Savannah
  • Jack Daniels barrel
  • Photo of Fort Jackson near Savannah

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2 responses to “Old Fort Jackson”

  1. Sandy Traub Avatar

    I see great photo shoot location 🙂 Thank you again for your spotlight turning to another piece of Savannah’s “Old South” legacy!

  2. Gil Avatar

    Back in the 1960s when there were no open roads to Ft. Jackson, we as kids would ride our bikes down President St. as close to the fort as possible, then we would walk through the old ricefields to the fort. It was quite an adventure. Trees had grown into the open area and rooms were flooded. It looked like a set in an Indiana Jones movie. It is amazing to see it now in its present state.

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