South Carolina

  • Old Sheldon Church South Carolina

    Old Sheldon Church

    The ruins of the Old Sheldon Church are found down a tiny road, in a forest of towering oaks draped in Spanish moss.

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  • Eggs N Tricities - Bluffton, SC Store

    Eggs N Tricities – Bluffton, SC

    Our unofficial guide during our day trip to Bluffton, South Carolina was Nancy, who owns and operates a store of miscellany named Eggs N Tricities. This shop is packed to the gills with weird, random stuff, and even if you’re not in the market for curios, it’s great fun to poke around.

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  • Artsy Bluffton South Carolina

    Bluffton, SC — Almost a Homecoming

    There are actually two sides to Bluffton, and the one in which we spent the day was the old part. The “new city,” built up and around the highway, is where the more usual businesses can be found, and is much busier.

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  • Hunting Island South Carolina

    Hunting Island State Park and the Saga of Seventeen Splinters

    After spending the day in Beaufort, we drove out to Hunting Island State Park, a semitropical barrier island that had been used since the 19th century as hunting grounds.

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  • Beaufort SC

    Day Trip to Beaufort

    We took a trip to Beaufort, South Carolina, which is about an hour north of Savannah. This small coastal town makes an ideal excursion, but as I realized after receiving a number of puzzled looks, it’s pronounced “Beww-furt” and not “Bow-fort.”

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