Bluffton, SC — Almost a Homecoming

I grew up in Bluffton, Ohio. A Midwestern metropolis of about 3000 people, Bluffton is the kind of place where a knitting festival would be the cultural highlight of the month (if something as cool as a knitting festival ever actually took place). Friday night football, the bowling alley, and cruising up and down Main Street in an endless loop, looking for something, anything to do… ah, the memories.

Bluffton South Carolina Madhouse Vintage

So visiting Bluffton, South Carolina, was amusing to me. It’s about ten times the size of my hometown, and a lot more interesting. Located on the May River, close to Hilton Head, it’s a funny city filled with strange characters. We spent the day and on the way home, found ourselves in total agreement on one thing: Bluffton is bizarre.

Our unofficial guide for the day was a local. We met Nancy inside her store called Eggs N Tricities, which is packed from wall to wall with exactly the things you’d expect to find in a store called “Eggs N Tricities”: vintage clothes, old books, so-bad-they’re-good paintings, knick-knacks, seashell creations and other curiosities which defy description.

Bluffton South Carolina wooden church

Nancy was a perfect guide to Bluffton. She knew a lot of stories about the locals, and it was fun to see these beautiful old houses, and hear about the crazy things which happened inside them. We paused for a delicious lunch at a restaurant called The Cottage, which was still busy at 2pm, and then visited a few of the town’s shops. Bluffton is a very artsy town, packed with knick-knack stores and local painters. After finishing shopping, we went to the Oyster Factory and checked out the Church of the Cross, an impressive wooden structure which dates from 1857.

There are actually two sides to Bluffton, and the one in which we spent the day was the old part. The “new city,” built up and around the highway, is where the more usual businesses can be found, and is much busier. Nancy said that some people who live in New Bluffton have never even been to the old town. That’s shocking, because this is a special little place, and definitely worth the trip from Savannah.

More Photos of Bluffton in South Carolina:

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  1. Avatar of Angel Logue
    Angel Logue

    Did Nancy happen to tell you about the year the mayors of the “other Blufftons” (in addition to OH, I think they are in Indiana and Mississippi) were invited to be marshals of the Christmas parade? I believe one of them actually accepted and came down. Anyway, it’s too bad about this wretched weather….if things get back to normal before you leave the low country, you’ve gotta come back and take your dog out to the sandbar.

  2. Avatar of Elizabeth Anderson
    Elizabeth Anderson

    I am soooooo jealous of you. 91 days here and there. I live and work in metro DC but I have my “escape hatch” in Bluffton (second home). Bluffton is indeed arty.

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