• Savannah Squares Orleans

    Orleans Square

    Orleans Square, on Barnard Street, might as well be called Parking Lot Square. It’s one of the spaces which has been most negatively impacted by the development boom of the mid-20th century.

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  • Entrance Wormsloe Plantation

    Wormsloe Plantation

    Located on the Isle of Hope, just twenty minutes by car Savannah, Wormsloe Plantation is a gorgeous historic site which allows visitors to explore both a museum and a couple nature trails.

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  • White fluffy god in an oldtimer

    Savannah Countdown

    With three weeks left in Savannah, we already had our flights to Buenos Aires booked and were starting to look forward to our next adventure.

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  • Colonial Park Cemetery Savannah

    Colonial Park Cemetery

    A historical marker in Savannah’s Colonial Park Cemetery reports that “nearly 700” victims of the 1820 yellow fever epidemic are buried there. In fact, exactly six-hundred and sixty-six people died of the disease.

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  • James Oglethorpe in Savannah

    No Liquor! No Slaves! No Lawyers! No Catholics!

    When he founded Savannah, the capital of his newly chartered colony of Georgia, James Oglethorpe had some utopian ideas. His planned city would be built around four squares and four simple prohibitions. No rum. No slavery. No lawyers. No Papists.

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  • Christmas Ice Fountain Savannah

    Forsyth Park

    Drayton and Whitaker Street, Forsyth is Savannah’s answer to NYC’s Central Park. It’s not as massive as its counterpart, but blends more seamlessly into the city, and has long been a part of its history.

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