Scenes from Savannah City Streets

Scenes from Savannah City Streets

Savannah Jazz

Photographers visiting Savannah are going to have a hard time holding to any sort of schedule… and their partners will have a hard time holding onto their sanity. During our stay in Savannah, it happened often that I lost my patience, and finally ditched Jürgen, who was again snapping photos of a random saxophone, or ivy, or a dog, or another Victorian house. “Have fun, and take your time! I’ll be at the bar.” I think it saved our relationship.

Our Photos Framed Here

Davids Supermarket Savannah
Cool Dude Savannah
Liqour Savannah Store
Lady Chablis
Roof Deck
Savannah Mansion
Random Leaves Savannah
Off Raod Savannah
Savannah Corvette
Savannah Rugby
Savannah Dogs
Savannah Peanuts
Savannah Records
Steal House Savannah
Savannah 26
Savannah Robot
Stealing Bikes in Savannah
Savannah Smiles
Southern Living
Steal Bench Savannah
Waiting for the bus