Back in the Day Bakery Bread Sign

Back in the Day Bakery

Unless you want an eight-hour sermon that includes nutritional charts, a Powerpoint presentation and tears of righteous fury, don’t get Jürgen started on American breads. And never use the phrase “Wonder Bread” around him. I will not be held responsible for anything that happens.

Back in the day Bakery Savannah

Imagine how it is for a European to shop in American supermarkets. They’re used to tiny shops, and ours are huge! A 300-foot aisle of cereal, 479 varieties of pasta (I’ve counted), and a larger selection of bread than the human mind can even begin to contemplate. But although there’s a great breadth to the variety, there isn’t much depth. The bread is almost always this squishy, fluffy, possibly poisonous sort.

“Where are the real breads, the ones not for toothless babies?” Jürgen complains, and I’m not sure how to answer him. “What shall I do with this sponge cake, bounce it like a fußball? Play with it like a toy?” I lower my head, averting my gaze as Jürgen starts launching loaves into the air. “Wunderbrot? Ha! The wonder is that people pretend that this is bread!”

Best Break Bakery Savannah

So when we discovered the Back in the Day Bakery, on the corner of Bull and 40th street, we were overjoyed. Bakeries are on almost every street in Germany, but in the States, that’s not the case. But Back in the Day is serving Savannah real breads, along with muffins, sandwiches and coffee. We’ve been a few times, and the tiny shop is always packed full. The last time I went, the line was out the door. There’s clearly a market out there for healthy, freshly-baked bread.

Their loaves aren’t exactly the cheapest bargain in town, but the quality make them well worth the expense. And we should all hope that new bakeries like this thrive in the USA; God knows we need more of them!

Back in the Day Bakery – Website

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3 responses to “Back in the Day Bakery”

  1. BowyerFan Avatar

    Oh, yum. This was very helpful and I am hungry now. I can’t wait to catch up on all of your posts. They are very helpful in determining if Savannah is going to be our home in the next two years. So far so good. Good food, good weather, to go cups, who can ask for more. Now I just need a job offer. 🙂

  2. Sky Princess Avatar

    Love the photos. I feel like I am there! Now I think I will start baking my own bread.

  3. Juergen Avatar

    Thank you SP – you should we bake bread at least twice a week. We still need more practice though. Still not as good as bread from BID 🙂

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