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Drayton Glassworks in Savannah

Biking home with a fresh loaf of bread from the Back in the Day Bakery, we passed a tiny shop in which someone was at work blowing glass. Curiosity stoked, we returned to the Drayton Glassworks a couple days later to meet Jonathan Poirier, a Rhode Island native who spent years in Sweden learning the art of glass blowing.

Drayton Glassworks in Savannah

While heating, blowing, spinning and shaping colored glass into the form of bottles, Jon told us about his life and the shop. He’s been in Savannah since 2001, building a reputation as one of the best glass blowers in the country. Despite industrialization having long-ago made glass-crafting largely obsolete, Jon has been able to find plenty of customers looking for unique, hand-made pieces.

I was amazed that he could continue to work, not missing a stride, while carrying on a conversation with us. This is clearly something he’s been doing for a long while, and he’s able to perform the spinning, shaping and blowing almost on automatic. To us, these tasks looked insanely complicated, and I almost had a heart attack a couple times as he swung around a nearly-completed vase, without paying any attention to it.

Glass Blower in Savannah Georgia

When we returned to Savannah five years later, we checked in on Jon and his business. Nothing had changed; Jon was still the same friendly, funny guy, and it was great to catch up. One new thing he’s added to Drayton Glassworks is the opportunity for people to participate in workshops and create their own piece of glass-blown art. Check out his Facebook page, if you’re interested.

And definitely make sure to stop by his shop, to check out the pieces he’s made, and perhaps have a chance to see how it’s done. It’s really more a workshop than a store, and he’s always busy creating something new.

Drayton Glassworks – Facebook

More photos and a video of Drayton Glassworks:

  • 03 Drayton Glassworks Savannah DSC03757
  • 04 Drayton Glassworks Savannah DSC03761
  • 05 Drayton Glassworks Savannah DSC03763
  • 06 Drayton Glassworks Savannah DSC03767
  • 07 Drayton Glassworks Savannah DSC03754
  • 08 Drayton Glassworks Savannah DSC03768
  • 09 Drayton Glassworks Savannah DSC03769
  • 10 Drayton Glassworks Savannah DSC03770
  • 11 Drayton Glassworks Savannah DSC03780
  • 12 Drayton Glassworks Savannah DSC03963
  • 13 Drayton Glassworks Savannah DSC03968
  • 14 Drayton Glassworks Savannah DSC03981
  • 15 Drayton Glassworks Savannah DSC03983
  • 16 Drayton Glassworks Savannah DSC04001
  • 17 Drayton Glassworks Savannah DSC04011
  • 18 Drayton Glassworks Savannah DSC04015
  • 19 Drayton Glassworks Savannah DSC04026
  • 20 Drayton Glassworks Savannah DSC04034
  • 21 Drayton Glassworks Savannah DSC04038
  • 22 Drayton Glassworks Savannah DSC04053
  • 23 Drayton Glassworks Savannah DSC04057
  • 24 Drayton Glassworks Savannah DSC04099
  • 25 Drayton Glassworks Savannah DSC04105
  • 26 Drayton Glassworks Savannah DSC04106
  • 27 Drayton Glassworks Savannah DSC04120
  • 28 Drayton Glassworks Savannah DSC04126

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4 responses to “Drayton Glassworks in Savannah”

  1. Leah Avatar

    Your photos are gorgeous!! I love that they are mostly not of our usual touristy spots in Savannah. Thanks so much for the tip on the glass blower. I had never heard and would love to check it out! Hope that you all are having a FABULOUS time in our beautiful city!

  2. Tracy Haynes Avatar
    Tracy Haynes

    Yeah- the photos are fantastic ! And his work of course is terrific, too..

  3. Carol Barnard Avatar
    Carol Barnard

    I discovered Drayton Gladd shortly after moving here 12 years ago.   My father was a glass blower so I love everything glass.  I have purchased many gifts from Jonathan.   I have a vase that his past partner made that is extremely unusual and I receive compliments on it every time I entertain.

  4. Jane mahoney Avatar
    Jane mahoney

    Great experience at their shop!!!! I had a whiskey glass that belonged to my late father, sadly it was accidentally chipped!!!!! I took it to these guys and they fixed it for me right there and then…. What service!!!! I will be sure to recommend them to my friends, also the glass work on display was beautiful ….. Oh and thanks for the sip of bourbon chaps :))))))

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