Last Batch of Random Savannah Photos

Savannah at night

We’ve said it before, and we’ll repeat ourselves again: Savannah is a photographer’s dream. Whether you’re looking for images that are beautiful, amusing, haunting or just plain weird, you hardly have to try. Just lift your camera, click the shutter, and you’re almost guaranteed to have a compelling shot. We took tens of thousands of photographs during our three months in the city… here are a few of the better ones.

  • Savannah Post Card
  • Antique Window
  • Big Boat Savannah 1
  • cathedral savannah 1
  • Cotton
  • Lonely in Savannah
  • Old Churtch Tip Savannah
  • Old Cotton Lofts
  • Pretty Savannah
  • Riverfront Trolley
  • Savannah Antiques
  • Savannah Bridge 1
  • Savannah Cotton
  • Savannah Diner
  • Savannah Electricity
  • Savannah Parkin
  • Savannah Roof 1
  • Trolley Entrace
  • Tybee Flag
  • Tybee Fried

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  1. Avatar of Brad Powell
    Brad Powell

    Thank you for sharing your Savannah with us. And,thank you Savannah for allowing these 2 crazy guys to have a glimpse. What memories you’ll leave with. Can’t wait for your next adventure !

  2. Avatar of shawn

    I…like completely obsessed with Spanish moss…and while on vacation here some years ago decided to gather to large trash bags of Spanish moss and take them back to Ohio..I persuaded my husband to get a large ladder and place it up against our white birch trees in Ohio where he carefully drapped the Spanish moss across the should have seen the reaction of people walking down the street..they stopped..admired..and were mystified how this phenomenon happened…funny right?

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