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From 91 Days in Savannah
Savannah, Georgia, one of the USA’s southern jewels, was our home for three winter months at the end of 2010. From beautiful squares to historic houses, unforgettable restaurants and an eccentric cast of characters that could be (and actually is) straight out of a novel, we tried to capture everything that makes Savannah so special. Start reading from the beginning of our journey, or skip to the end. Visit the comprehensive index of everything we wrote about, or just check out a few posts, selected at random, below:

The Jersey Style Pizzas of Screamin’ Mimi’s
And the good times got even better when our gigantic pizza arrived… I couldn’t believe the size, and asked the waitress if she seriously expected us to eat all that. “Yes”, was her amusingly deadpan reply. “I’ll refuse to give you a takeout box”.

Nov 11, 2010

Championship BBQ at Wiley’s
A tiny restaurant in a teensy shopping strip, right before Victory Drive merges with the Islands Expressway, Wiley’s Championship BBQ is a real find — it’s been voted the best barbecue in Savannah multiple times in its short life, and for good reason.

Dec 06, 2010

Spanish Moss: Neither Spanish nor Moss
I clearly remember the first time we entered Savannah, turning onto 37th Street nearly three months ago. Huge oak trees canopied the street and random rays of sunlight squeezed past the Spanish moss, hanging apathetically off branches like the embodiment of sorrow. We drove slowly, transfixed by the beauty of the scene in front of us. Years from now, when I shut my eyes and think “Savannah”, Spanish moss awash in sunlight will be what I see.

Jan 24, 2011

For 91 Days in Savannah – The E-Book

We’ve made the effort to convert our three-month blog about Savannah into an e-book. For 91 Days in Savannah contains all of our articles and a selection of nearly 150 of our best pictures. With a index sorted by category, links to the original blog posts, and cross-references spread throughout, the e-book is a perfect companion for a trip to Savannah.

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Direct Download (PDF, MOBI)

For just a few bucks, you can download your own copy of the book for use on your e-reader or computer, giving you access to our anecdotes and articles wherever you are, without having to connect to the internet. And, buying the e-book is a great way to support our project… take a look at some sample pages from the PDF.

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