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From 91 Days in Savannah
Savannah, Georgia, one of the USA’s southern jewels, was our home for three winter months at the end of 2010. From beautiful squares to historic houses, unforgettable restaurants and an eccentric cast of characters that could be (and actually is) straight out of a novel, we tried to capture everything that makes Savannah so special. Start reading from the beginning of our journey, or skip to the end. Visit the comprehensive index of everything we wrote about, or just check out a few posts, selected at random, below:

Day Trip to Beaufort
We recently took a trip to Beaufort, South Carolina, about an hour north of Savannah. This small coastal city makes an ideal excursion, and, as I realized after receiving a number of puzzled looks, is pronounced “Bew-fort”. Not “Bow-fort”.

Dec 02, 2010

Photos from Savannah: Red Doors To More
The biggest mistake you can make in Savannah is leaving for a stroll without bringing a camera. Doing so almost guarantees you’ll encounter the craziest things, and you’ll be kicking yourself. At least I’ve always got my back-up phone camera with me.

Dec 16, 2010

Captain Mike’s Dolphin Adventure
I’ll admit it. I was already partial to Captain Mike’s Dolphin Adventure, out on Tybee Island, because I like anything featuring my own name. Mike & Ike’s? Love them. Delicious. Michael Jackson? The greatest ever. Mike the Headless Chicken? Come on! Mikes rule.

Dec 13, 2010

For 91 Days in Savannah – The E-Book

We’ve made the effort to convert our three-month blog about Savannah into an e-book. For 91 Days in Savannah contains all of our articles and a selection of nearly 150 of our best pictures. With a index sorted by category, links to the original blog posts, and cross-references spread throughout, the e-book is a perfect companion for a trip to Savannah.

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Direct Download (PDF, MOBI)

For just a few bucks, you can download your own copy of the book for use on your e-reader or computer, giving you access to our anecdotes and articles wherever you are, without having to connect to the internet. And, buying the e-book is a great way to support our project… take a look at some sample pages from the PDF.

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