Thanks for the Memories, Y’all!

This might be a city which moves slow, but our three months here flew by at a breakneck pace. Savannah had been a friendly, wild and unforgettable place to temporarily call home, and we couldn’t have hoped to have chosen a better city.

Savannah Memories

After spending almost a decade in Europe, I had been excited to get back to the USA. And though I might have been returning home, I’m originally from the Midwest, so the deep-fried Southern charm of Savannah would be something totally new to me. From November to January, we kept busy; twenty-two squares, late-night partying on River Street, day trips to South Carolina, kayaking at Tybee Island… and of course, a whole lot of great eating.

Leaving Savannah

Savannah’s Victorian district is lovely, as is the nature which surrounds the city. And the history of the city is fascinating, from the colonial days, through the Civil War and Civil Rights Movement, up into the present day. But more than all that, what we’ll most fondly remember are the people. The eccentric and gracious people of Savannah are far and away its best quality. We’ve never felt so welcomed by a city’s residents, as we did in Savannah, and we made some friendships here that I’m confident will last our whole lives.

Savannah is a special place, and we were sad to leave. But our travel bug was itching, and the next stop on our slow-moving world tour was already calling: Buenos Aires, Argentina. Steaks, tango, Evita, gauchos and pizza, all packed into one of the world’s most amazing cities. It’d be quite a shift from the easy southern charm of Savannah… but we could hardly wait to get going.

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  1. Avatar of Allison Mol
    Allison Mol

    You will be missed! Thank you for painting such a beautiful picture of Savannah. Well done!

  2. Avatar of Dizzy Girl
    Dizzy Girl

    We’ll really miss having the two of you in our city. I’ve personally enjoyed rediscovering and falling in all over again with Savannah, thanks to your blog posts and photos. It’s always nice to see your home through the eyes of someone passing through. Here’s hoping the both of you make your way around this way again soon. 🙂

  3. Avatar of meg

    “Look out, Buenos Aires!!”–Evita lyrics–star quality

    Thank you for your blog, it really made me appreciate my recently adopted town and opened my eyes to all it has to offer. Best of luck and I look forward to “following” y’all on your future adventures.

  4. Avatar of William

    Y’all have done an excellent job chronicling the city! This website has made me more determined than ever to visit the city again this summer. Remember that no matter how long you’re gone, the people you met will remember you both and offer a cold sweet tea or strong drink as a welcome back gift.

  5. Avatar of Kristin

    I’ve really, really enjoyed following along with y’all on your visit to Savannah! It’s still going to be a while until I get to move there, so reading your posts and seeing your pictures helped remind me why I decided to move there. Thanks for sharing your trip! Looking forward to Buenos Aires!

  6. Avatar of Brad Powell
    Brad Powell

    Amazing…I already miss Savannah…through you.

  7. Avatar of Gil

    I took notice of the use of the Southernism “y’all” in the title. As former Savannahians and Ambassadors of Savannah, y’all have earned the right to use it. Next Southernism y’all be using is “fixin’ to” as in “we are fixin’ to go to BA.” 😉

  8. Avatar of Sharon

    I have really enjoyed your wonderful photographs and writing. I am sad that your Savannah adventure is coming to an end. I definitely will go to Buenos Aires with you through my daily reading of your blog. BRAVO!

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