• Savannah License Photos

    Last Batch of Random Savannah Photos

    We’ve said it before, and we’ll repeat ourselves again: Savannah is a photographer’s dream.

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  • Squares of Savannah - Warren Square

    Warren Square

    Laid out in 1791, Warren Square was named in honor of General Joseph Warren, a Revolutionary hero from Massachusetts who was killed at the Battle of Bunker Hill.

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  • Entrance Wormsloe Plantation

    Wormsloe Plantation

    Located on the Isle of Hope, just twenty minutes by car Savannah, Wormsloe Plantation is a gorgeous historic site which allows visitors to explore both a museum and a couple nature trails.

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  • Barnad and Wayne street sign Savannah

    Chatham Square

    The most southwestern of Savannah’s squares is Chatham, on the intersection of Barnard and Wayne.

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  • Savannah Tiny House

    Greene Square

    Named after revolutionary hero Nathaniel Greene, whose monument and burial site is at Johnson Square, Greene Square was laid out in the 1790s and developed into the center of Savannah’s black population.

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  • Monterey Square Savannah Blog

    Monterey Square

    The most famous house on Monterey Square is the Mercer-Williams House, where Jim Williams shot Danny Hansford dead, as detailed in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Clint Eastwood’s movie adaptation was filmed on location here.

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  • Christmas Andrew Low House Savannah

    The Andrew Low House on Lafayette Square

    Andrew Low was a Scot who moved to Savannah when he was sixteen. He entered the cotton business and, by the time he was in his thirties, had become the leader of uncle’s company and the richest man in the city.

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  • Oglethorpe Square House

    Oglethorpe Square

    Oglethorpe Square was laid out in 1742, the last of the six squares that were originally planned for Savannah.

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  • Savannah Taxi Ride

    Crazy Taxi Drivers and Other Savannah Characters

    In most cities, you hail down a taxi and drive in silence to your destination. At best, the driver comments on the weather, or is talking on his cell phone in a language you don’t understand. You’ll pay your fare and think how uneventful and efficient that taxi ride was, if you think of it…

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  • Hearse Ghost Tour

    Seeing Savannah’s Evil Side from a Hearse

    What could be better than touring Savannah in a hearse with a raised roof, so you can poke your head out the top? Nothing comes immediately to mind, does it? I mean, a ghost tour in a tricked-out hearse is kind of like the pinnacle of human culture.

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  • Savannah Blog Columbia Square Savannah

    Columbia Square

    Although it was neglected throughout much of its history, like most of the city’s eastern side, Columbia Square has now enjoyed a thorough restoration to become one of Savannah’s loveliest spots.

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  • Colonial Park Cemetery Savannah

    Colonial Park Cemetery

    A historical marker in Savannah’s Colonial Park Cemetery reports that “nearly 700” victims of the 1820 yellow fever epidemic are buried there. In fact, exactly six-hundred and sixty-six people died of the disease.

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